Friday, 19 October 2012

Hadrian's wall walk "what are ewes lookin at"


I have decided to add my own spin on this little adventure we had whilst walking the length of Hadrians wall from wall's end in Newcastle to The Kings arms, Bowness on Solway. It will be honest and true, sometimes funny, sometimes even a little sad but I hope that you enjoy reading it and for those who were with me may it evoke some great memories. For those who were not there I hope you get the magnitude of the challenge and the strong family we became in those 6 days. My grammar and spelling is not the best but I make no apologies for that (it was the spellcheckers fault) and at times this Blog WILL CONTAIN SOME STRONG LANGUAGE! and a bit of nudity. Also some bad taste jokes that were knocking around group in our week together. if you are easily offended then don't read on you have been warned. 


So I have known Gary P (Sluggie) for 8 or 9 years now we met at CP events and our first meeting was less than harmonious. we were both tired and there was some confusion which ended with an angry head through a small car window and some naughty words. but all was sorted some time later. the rest of the guy's who walked and supported us I have known from between 2 and 8 years through working the CP event's and although I had not been introduced to a couple of the guy's before they either new me or I had seen them around. I guess the CP years are another blog all together ;)

Gary is the main organiser of this event as it was his idea and if there is anyone to blame it is him (WANKER). He came to me with this idea and initially I wasn't going to be taking part I just gave my blessing as the money raised from this event was to help my son Cieran get some new leg's and the thing's he need's to live a normal life after losing both of his leg's to meningitis (for more info on Cieran please visit his web site here).

Earlier this year Gary emailed me to remind me that the event was happening in October and asking me for a few details. it was at this point that myself and Gemma decided to do the walk with them as it was a great challenge and we wanted to give our support in person and be there with them. unfortunately Gemma had to drop out (Pregzilla) but I decided that I would stick with it and made my  arrangements accordingly (WANKER).

The day soon arrived and I found myself somehow sitting on a train platform waiting for my train to Newcastle city center and as I sat there looking at my mountain of kit I thought to myself, "Hey I thought Gemma was giving me a lift to Newcastle"? a few hours later and I arrived in Newcastle (via Manchester) and hopped into a taxi. I dont know wether anyone else does this but I always try to make out that I have been the the city/town that I am being driven in just so the taxi driver doesn't rip me off! I also tried to drop in a few "toon" sounding words for good effect but sadly began to sound like a lost south african with a speech impediment and mental "issues". still the 7 mile journey only cost me £16!!!!!!!! (WANKER). I rocked up to the hotel and found Sluggie and Drew and after being spin doctored I ended up in a room with sluggie somehow but to be honest it was Great because i snore he snores but i never heard him and as far as i know i never disturbed him so it was all good (plus his skin is so soft and warm and he has an impressive acorn, it was a small room). 

I will post day 1, walking starts. tomorrow...........

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